Education and Training


Most people do not have a greater understanding as to the mental disorders that others are suffering from. Some are even ignorant of these disorders and their ignorance often cause unwanted hurt to the patients. At the same time, the patients and their families even do not know how to properly respond to the needs that the former may be experiencing.

ACIDD Africa aims to educate the patients, their families and the general public as to what these disorders are. We believe that proper education will lead to acceptance and better care for the patients. Additionally, dissemination of proper information is vital in proper education.

Our education and training services focus on topics that include:

  • Assistance and Handling
  • Campaign Against Abuse
  • Privileges
  • Protective Laws and Statutes
  • Rights of people with mental illness and intellectual disability

With the help of competent professionals who know intellectual disability and mental illness better as well as dedicated volunteers, we can help make the entire society accept and support patients.

To help in our cause, you may opt to sponsor, volunteer or donate.

To join our training sessions, please check out our Training schedule. You may also call us at 1-844-ACIDD-US for more details.