Annual Report

Sowing the seed… Sowing the seed

We recognize the value of producing our Annual report. By the end of this year, we will demonstrate our accomplishments to our supporters, and cultivate new partnerships. We will recognize important people that are part of ACIDD. We will tell you what we did for 2017, and more importantly, why we did them. We will answer you why you spent your time and money the way you did for ACIDD. We will show the differences that we would make on people we support from now. We will uphold our mission and connect the missing dots through your ongoing supports of the people ACIDD supports.

We will tell success stories of people that you support. Those stories will be our accomplishments. That would be the best way to tell our supporters how well we did our job. We will have financials to present to you by the end of the year and we will briefly explain how the money was spent; where it came from and how did we spend it. We will explain our fundraising strategies and cost-saving techniques for next year.

We will recognize our donors in our report. Please give us a few more months to do our job. Please check back in March 2017 to see how we have been doing. We are going through CARF accreditation in January 2018.