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Mental Illness

We educate and bring awareness to the public about types and impact of mental illnesses.

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We support people with Developmental Disabilities and address their mental health issues through psychiatric rehabilitation programs.

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Welcome to ACIDD Africa

Mental illness negatively impacts the lives of people all over the world. It does destroy the lives of people in Africa.  Where there is war, famine, displacement, it is the most vulnerable in Africa that suffer the greatest. They are mostly abandoned by governments, forgotten by the community, neglected and abused by the entire society. People with mental illness in many regions of Africa are in crisis and resigned to the dark corners of churches, chained to rusted hospital beds, and locked away living behind the bars of filthy prisons.

They have suffered trauma leading to illness. Some are born with developmental disability. Later, they develop mental health issues in their lives. They would then live with dual disability for the rest of their lives. In most countries, the infrastructure has collapsed; mental health professionals have either fled the country or simply non-existent– the real lives of the people!

Most people are not aware of the severity of mental illness, especially mental illness for those with developmental disability. In an effort to promote awareness to the general public and provide support to people with mental illness and developmental disabilities- generally known as the other dually diagnosed-, ACIDD Africa has been formed. We have made our commitment in the continent to be an advocate of change in the lives of people in Africa. We facilitate training, education, and operate health centers  that will help not only the individuals themselves but also their family members and the communities at large. We look forward to your passionate involvement with our efforts in embracing minds and empowering people!

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ACIDD Africa's mission is to help every individual with mental illness recover to live a better life in Africa. We commit to promoting awareness among families. We support society at large. We use various mental health strategies.

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ACIDD Africa envisions a society where there will be stable mental health for all by promoting education and supports in different countries of Africa.

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